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Multirotor power line stringing

Power engineering, as other branches of industry is developing and constantly changing. What was once considered a standard today is a memory from the previous era, and what once seemed an impassable obstacle, today turns out to be a trivial problem. A perfect example is the difficult terrain, such as the forest, mountains, swamps, lakes, agricultural areas, but also urban areas or national roads, over which often overhead power lines pass. To build a line running through such area, there’s need to use appropriate techniques and equipment. SAL Multirotor specializes in installing pilot ropes using the air method with unmanned aerial vehicles. As of today, we can show off hanged ropes for more than 1 000 000 meters.  

Solar multirotor inspection

The growing popularity of solar farms has created a real need for their inspection and service. Photovoltaic panels are sensitive devices, and the efficiency of each of them is a critical parameter. Often, there are damage to panels, seemingly invisible, but of great importance for the efficiency of the entire solar plant and its safety. The method of inspection, consisting in the maintenance of the entire farm by a technician with thermal camera, has long been a common solution. SAL Multirotor proposes an inspection based on existing technology, but thanks to the possibility of conducting an aerial method, the studied areas are significantly larger, and the whole operation is much shorter.

Pipeline multirotor inspection

Pipelines are widely used in the distribution of petroleum fuels and gases. Regardless of the substances that flow through them, often pipeline installations are built on the surface of the earth. Despite the lower construction cost and easier control of such a system, there are risks, eg in the form of damages caused as a result of weather conditions and third parties, which are in vain to look for in underground installations. In order to ensure security, such networks are inspected in terms of leaks. SAL Multirotor proposes solutions based on thermal imaging and close-up photography combined with unmanned aircrafts, which allows quick and accurate inspection and analysis of pipeline networks.

Power line multirotor inspection

SAL Multirotor has implemented solution for air inspections of high-voltage lines, introducing a thermal and photographic inspection with a high close-up image. In our work we intend to use proven unmanned drones which is a guarantee of professional service delivery. Choose our company and we will greatly reduce the cost of your power line inspection!

Wind farm multirotor inspection

Damage to the servomechanisms, blades or wind turbine generators may be hardly visible or completely invisible, but they are always potentially dangerous. Despite its monumental construction, a wind turbine may be threatened by strong wind or birds. SAL Multirotor presents a solution based on high-zoom photography and thermovision, allowing detection of damage and appropriate response.

Multirotor photography

Our company also deals with photography and aerial photography for the energy industry. We provide the perfect material for completing technical documentation or promoting your business. We have a lot of experience in this field which makes our offer the most attractive!

Meet SAL Multirotor

SAL MULTIROTOR is a professional team specializing in providing services for energy industry. We perform special work related to the construction of high-voltage lines and support of already operating lines. The beginnings of our company date back to 2015, when we started implementing innovative solutions and working methods in the energy industry. In our team we have experienced UAV pilot, designer and UAV constructor, and manager. Such a combination of three personalities and different experiences creates passion and professionalism !!!

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Our company at work.

Our Team

Błażej Szpakowski

Pilot - certified BVLOS pilot

Marcin Lipiński

Constructor - certified BVLOS pilot

Aron Michalczyk

Manager - certified BVLOS pilot

Krzysztof Kisiel

Surveyor - certified BVLOS pilot

Why Choose Us

Because we are constantly working to maintain our leadership position in the field of powerline stringing with unmanned UAVs. Such approach results in high productivity and safe execution. At the moment, we can hang 8 pilot lines on the 2500 meter section during one working day.
We have a high specialization and a lot of experience in what we do. We have been trusted by the largest regional companies in the power industry.

Lower cost for higher ecology and safety